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Moisture Analysis Toolkit From Meter Group Inc., Usa

(Meter Group Inc. U.S.A)

At equilibrium, the relationship between water content and equilibrium humidity of a material can be displayed graphically by a curve, the so-called moisture sorption isotherm. For each humidity value, a sorption isotherm indicates the corresponding water content value at a given, constant temperature. Because of the complexity of sorption processes, the isotherms cannot be determined by calculation, but must be recorded experimentally for each product. These isotherms, so generated, can be useful in studying the product dynamics, packaging requirements and shelf life. To understand all these moisture calculations, different models needs to be generated and this is exactly what we have done for you and collated in the software “Moisture Analysis Toolkit”. It is a food modeling software which lets you predict shelf life, packaging, monolayer etc. There’s so much you can do with your water activity and isotherm data using this software — set water activity specifications, predict shelf life, evaluate packaging. The toolkit is one-stop shopping for moisture calculations. It lets you perform and calculate the following:

  • Generate sorption isotherms using the data of water activity and moisture content at a constant temperature from the user
  • Prediction of added solute to lower water activity
  • Predict water activity due to temperature fluctuations
  • Calculate water activity in a package
  • Calculate package WVTR to give a specific shelf life
  • Calculate product shelf life in a package
  • Calculate glass transition
  • Evaluate packaging
  • Determine critical water activity for caking and clumping
  • Texture changes
  • Moisture migration
  • Final water activity of the recipe
  • Effect of storage conditions