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Scientific and Digital Systems is a fairly old and renowned company in the field of instrumentation whilst working for approx. 25 years now. Since, we deal in technical instrumentation, it becomes very important that our customers know the correct way and method to use these instruments so that they are able to obtain correct and meaningful results. To achieve this, we have a dedicated applications team whose prime focus is to help our customers achieve the purpose for which they have invested in our instruments. We do this by providing the following services:

  • User training workshops: We keep organizing workshops wherein we brush up the basics and train our users on their instruments. This we do in a group of 30, but, we also do a one to one training which is carried out at user premises for the entire team so that everyone can be benefitted. In such workshops, additional use and features of the instruments are also discussed to make our customers aware of the full potential of their instruments.
  • Online and telephonic support: We always encourage our customers to give us a call or write us a mail in case they face any issue while working on their instruments. Such queries are directed towards our application support team and they take action to solve the query ASAP.
  • Test guidance: Customers working on instruments such as Texture Analyser and Water Activity Meter often require support on the correct test procedure, sample preparation and placement, accessory and settings to be used or result calculation and interpretation. We offer such services over phone and mails.
  • Test protocol development: We help our customers by standardizing test procedures and protocols on their products.