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“Scientific and Digital Systems” popularly known as SDS,is a pioneer In the field of instrumentation in India. SDS was established during 1994 in New Delhi, India to cater to the needs of Food and Agriculture Industry by providing advanced instrumentation from overseas manufacturers who manufacture very advance technical and application oriented instruments. In last 24 Years, SDS has diversified into instrumentation for Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Nutraceuticals, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Spices, Adhesives for their CRO's, Testing laboratories and related Government Research organisations.

SDS currently holds exclusive representation rights to market, sell and provide technical / application support for all products in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, from the following global OEM's:

  • Stable Micro Systems Ltd, UK - Specializes in Texture Analysis and Volscan Profilers.
  • Meter Group Inc, USA (Formerly Decagon Devices Inc, USA) - Specializes in Water Activity Meters and Vapour Sorption Analyser.
  • SystechIlliniois Ltd, UK - Specializes in Headspace Analysis and other packaging instruments.
  • OxySense Inc, USA - Specializes in Non-Invasive Headspace Analysis, Dissolved Oxygen and Oxygen Transmission Rate.


The “Technical Support Division” at SDS is managed by professionals from food background who possess B.Tech, BSc, MSc , MTech and PHD degrees from reputed Universities and Institutes like IIT’s in India. The technical support division at SDS provides after sales support to all our existing users by undertaking their instruments under AMC, Repair, Service and Calibrations.

The “Application Support Division” at SDS is managed by Food Technologists whose services are available to all our prospective and existing users, as and when desired. The application team at SDS also extends support to the sales team by organising technical discussions / presentations and demonstrations at customer site so that they can assess the technicalities of our instruments and its utility, as per their area of application.

The vision of Technical Support Division at SDS is to support existing customers in achieving final standardized products in most economic way using our instruments. We accomplish this by providing proper training during the installation of our instruments, develop application studies, research papers and provide sample testing facilities.

We are committed to bringing new and established Food/Pharmaceutical/Package testing technologies to India for a better tomorrow. Therefore, you may also reach us for the following service requirements :

  • Testing Advice Service - Texture Analysis, Water Activity Analysis, Headspace Analysis.
  • Use of Lab facilities for sample testing.
  • Technical and Application training on our different testing equipments.
  • Qualification Services - IQ, OQ, PQ.

The moisture analysis toolkit is a software package being offered by Meter Group Inc., USA which is a one stop solution for all your moisture calculations. It helps you calculate product shelf life, evaluate packaging, determine critical water activity of your products for defects such as caking, clumping and other textural changes and predict results such as moisture migration, final water activity of a recipe, effect of packaging materials and storage conditions. The software uses scientific predictive models based on proven algorithms which help save time and labor. It is a fairly quick way to use available data and solve challenges faced in a research or Quality assurance set up.