Rapid Visco Analyser

Manufactured by Perten Instruments, Australia, RVA is a continuously recording rotational viscometer used to measure the starch quality & weather damage in grains by evaluating a- amylase activity. Other applications include protein gelation, melting profiles of gums  etc. It is commonly used for wheat, corn, rice, barley, modified starches, extruded feeds and foods such as snacks and breakfast cereals, milk powder, cheese etc. With RVA, the full starch pasting test can be done in just 13 minutes. RVA offers an alternative to Visco Amylograph with many additional advantages. AACC, ICC and RACI have approved the RVA test methods. The salient features of the instrument include temperature control from 0 to 99 degree Celsius, programmable test conditions, infinite temperature and speed variation in a single test as per the pre- defined user profile, online viscosity, speed and temperature measurement and small sample requirement (3-4 gm). 

RVA Application for Dairy Industry: The RVA can be programmed to replicate the processing conditions of dairy products. Each processing step can be controlled and the viscosity of the product measured throughout the processing cycle. RVA can also be used in product development to examine the effect of thermal processing on milk proteins and the whey proteins interactions with other ingredients. There is also an RVA based method for characterizing the re-heat rheological properties of skimmed milk powders.


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