Manufactured by Perten Instruments AB, Sweden, The Glutomatic System measures Gluten Index, wet gluten content, dry gluten content and gluten water binding. Perten’s Gluten Index method is the world standard for gluten testing and is approved by International Standards like AACC/No. 38-12, ICC/No.155 & 158 and wet gluten method by ICC No. 137/1 and ISO 7495. Glutomatic System is used for quality control and segregation of incoming grains and also process control and quality verification of flour. Flour users and bakeries can use it to measure flour characteristics at breeders and grain trader’s end and at flour mills. It helps identifying and separating high quality grain and flour to maximize its value. It does not require any sample conditioning and chemicals for testing. A complete test takes less than 10 minutes.

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