Diode Array

Manufactured by Perten Instruments AB, Sweden, Diode Array 7200 is an NIR instrument that performs multicomponent analysis in just 6 seconds. A wide range of food and feed products like wheat, corn, soymeal, meat and bone meal, fish, shrimp, monogastric feed, slurries, pastes, finished goods etc can be tested for moisture, protein, oil, starch, fiber, ash and many other parameters. It can also be used to analyse individual sugars, lactic acid and ethanol content during ethanol production process. Due to its unique sample presentation, it does not require any sample grinding thus minimizing errors.

Diode Array being a secondary analysis instrument requires calibrations to be worked on. The instrument uses standard calibrations from Perten Instruments as well as those otherwise developed which can later be added to the existing list of calibrations in the instrument.

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